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Business processes – a vital element to business growth

A business processes are any process that it used to run your business, from sales to buying to production and personal. Everything that happens in your business is a process.


If that is the case then why are we even talking about this? The vital point is that ALL the processes must be documented.


Is that so necessary?

The simple answer is yes and for a few reasons.

  1. In order to write up the processes (Procedures) you have to think carefully about how things are done and this will often highlight weaknesses.
  2. It will ensure that the processes are applied consistently which will result in better customer service and better control of the business.
  3. There will be no ambiguity about how things are done.
  4. There will be fewer errors.
  5. Most importantly everyone will be able to read the procedure to find out how things are done. Therefore, if the person responsible is not there (and that includes the owner) the business can continue to run smoothly.

There are many processes that make your business work and care must be taken to ensure that you cover them all. We work with one small business that has 56 procedures and yes, they are all needed. Some may be very simple while others may be quite complex.  Don’t ignore the simple ones just because they are, well simple. major problems can arise from the simplest of error.

As your business grows you don’t want to be bogged down dealing with the nitty gritty. Your time is much more valuably spent seeing customers and strategizing for the future. With good, well documented processes in place you will be able to leave the day to day running to your team, without having to constantly worry about whether things are being done correctly.


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