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Starting a business is never easy but I recently met a young lady who started a business a year ago and the business is really starting to take off now. She admitted that it has been hard work but that she can now see the business really starting to grow and is confident that it will start paying good dividends very soon.

The thing that struck me was how she has gone about it.


She firstly spent many months planning exactly which markets she wanted to supply and the products that would service those markets. It started with an idea but she did not jump in without careful planning.

This is so important when starting a new business. The better the plan the less the chance of failure because the business is not left to chance.


While she has a lot of expertise about her products she is lacking in expertise in business matters. To overcome this she has sourced that expertise from others and not tried to be the master of all. This ranged from designing the logo to general admin and accounting systems.


You don’t have to know everything in order to start a business. You just need to know what you don’t know and where you can get help. Put your ego aside and use the expertise of others. You may have to pay for it but the return on the investment will be huge.


She is absolutely passionate about the business. She is passionate about her products and passionate about making the business a success.

Being passionate means caring for the business, making sure you are making your customers happy, caring for your staff and having a deep desire to make the business successful.

Starting a business can be one of the most stressful things you can do, but having a clear plan and getting help will make it a lot easier and stressful. It is not a journey you have to walk alone.

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