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It is essential to build trust in business today. Most of us understand that we need to build trust with our customers but too often we forget that it is just as important to build trust with our fellow team members.

Here are 4 steps to help build trust with your team.


Positive Intent

Be positive about building trust. You must be honest and genuine or else people will quickly see through your intent. Act with integrity and make a concerted effort to build trust.

Communicate & Collaborate

A lot of mistrust arises from a lack of communication or a misinterpretation of information communicated. Be open and honest with your communication, and ensure that you communicate effectively and efficiently.

Work at Relationships

As with any personal interaction, you have to work at building good relationships, which is essential to building trust. Take time to get to know your team. Be flexible, accommodating and be prepared to work with team members to solve problems.


Be accountable to your team for what you are responsible for. If they are to trust you, they need to know that you will do what you have committed to and will look for help when you need it.


If you build trust amongst the people you work with, the business will be more efficient, productive and profitable.

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