Helping you and your business grow profitably and sustainably

Running a small to medium business takes a huge amount of time and energy and there are a number a reasons why it makes a lot of sense to use a Business Consultant or Business Coach to help with the running of the business.

1. Time – almost all the time of the owner/manager is taken up running the day to day affairs of the business. It is difficult to find the time to stop and take a broad, strategic look at the business.
2. Knowledge – the owner/ manager knows all about the business they are running but, due to time constraints, will often not find the time to keep up to date with industry, management and business developments.
3. Expertise – in today’s complex world it is virtually impossible to be an expert in all areas of business. Smaller businesses do not have the resources to employ experts in the all the areas required.
4. Objective view – when the owner/manager is caught up in the daily pressure of running the business it becomes difficult to stand back and take an unemotional, unbiased look at the business.
5. Accountable – having someone to be accountable to can be an added motivation.


You don’t have to travel the road alone.

At wyed4biz we are able to help in one or all of the areas above and specialise in-
– Business Strategy
– Marketing and Sales
– Systems and Processes
– Training and Development
We are committed to helping Small and Medium businesses grow Profitably and Sustainably.

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