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A great way to grow your sales is to win back old customers. Current customers can often be neglected and taken for granted which may well lead to them becoming old customers. While this is a mistake that is often made it does not have to mean that you can’t get old customers back and here are 6 things you can do to get them back.

  1. Identify them – this sounds obvious, but the first step is to search your records and identify who has left you as a customer. Try to analyse why they left, was it poor service or poor quality. If pricing as the issue you will need to find out why price is so important to them. Find out if the person you dealt with is still there or if there is a new person in that position. Determine what they bought from you and if their business has changed.
  1. Rank them – look at the history of their business with you and rank them according to their purchases and profitability. It is best to try to get back the big spenders first but you MUST make sure you have done your research properly to find out why they left and if their business has changed. In other words, do they still buy the product or service you offer.
  1. Contact them – again, this sounds obvious but you need to decide on the best way to contact them. Will it be via telephone to set up an appointment or via e-mail to remind them of your business and try to arrange a meeting. An email may be the best way to establish if the person you dealt with is still there or in the same position.
  1. Own up to past mistakes – if you establish that they left due to mistakes you made that were not rectified, then you need to admit to these. Most importantly you must tell them how you will be fixing them.
  1. Deliver superior service – when delivering on the solution you have worked out with them make sure you go above and beyond your promises. The old adage of Under Promise and Over Deliver is vital in these cases. Although this should be a standard practice throughout your business.
  1. Add a human touch – make your customers feel special. Let them know how much you appreciate their business again and make sure your team is behind you all the way. Your team must be empowered to take responsibility and solve customer problems as they arise.

Oh yes – one final point, DON’T neglect your current customers while you are winning back the old ones.


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