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It doesn’t matter what job anyone does in your business they are all sales staff.

It may seem a bit odd to say this but when you consider that all staff can influence how a business runs and how they can affect sales, then this statement is not so crazy.

Let us use the example of the accounts person who pays suppliers. If they don’t treat a supplier properly and pay them on time, then your relationship with that supplier will not be as good as it should be. If you then have a situation where some goods are needed urgently, to meet a customers requirements, the supplier will not go all out to help deliver on time and you will lose the sales, or even worse, you may lose the customer.

Most important is that everyone should be aware of and strive to deliver, the best customer service.

Consider this –

A sales culture anecdote

When guests at some Ritz-Carlton hotels return to the hotel lobby from a morning walk or run, they are greeted by a cart with a sign that says, “Welcome back, joggers.” On the cart are towels, bottles of water, and snacks. Some would say that gesture is an example of the hotel chain’s customer service. But that is sales culture. That example, meeting the guests’ expressed and unexpressed needs, is part of the company’s service values.

Responsive staff exhibit an important trait of great salespeople: presence. They’re not disengaged or looking around. They’re not doing anything that sends the message, “I’m here, but I’m not here.”

Is that customer service or sales culture? It’s both, because it is exceptional service that keeps customers coming back, which means the next sale is already made.

By Todd Cohen  GCMA Magazine April 2014


A business exists to serve its customers and therefore it is vital for everyone to have a customer service and sales attitude.

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