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I was sitting in front of my computer a while back browsing through LinkedIn (not procrastinating – if you can believe that) when I came across an article on avoiding procrastination that caught my attention.

The article by James Clear was titled – How to stop procrastinating on your goals by using the Jerry Seinfeld strategy. 

Jerry Seinfeld is one of the most successful comedians of all time, and he has remained consistently successful over many years.

How many goals do we set for ourselves which we never quite achieve or they take much longer than we planned because we procrastinate over them?


The Jerry Seinfeld Strategy

A young comedian once asked Jerry, after a show, if he had any tips on being a successful comedian. Jerry’s reply was simple, “Write something everyday and each day that you do, put a big red cross on a year to view calendar. These crosses will form a chain and the trick is to ensure that you don’t break the chain.”

The message to me is that it is important, even vital, is to do something every day towards your goal. It doesn’t have to be a major step, just a small action that will get you closer. Mastery comes from consistent effort, not major steps taken at random.

I have always been good at drawing up a To Do list and then working hard on it for a few days, only to leave it for a few days, or weeks, and when I come back to it I often have to start some of the actions again or at least revisit them to refresh my memory.

Your actions must, however, be meaningful. It will not help to do “something” for the sake of doing something, make sure the actions are directed at achieving your goal. At times some of your actions may prove to be a waste, but as you work more and more consistently, keeping the chain going, you will become more productive and eventually master your goal.

Any entertainer, sportsman or businessman will tell you that it is better to be consistently good than occasionally great and the more consistent you are, the more you will become consistently great.

Entertainers and sportsmen use coaches to help reach their full potential so why not use a business coach in your business or career to reach your full potential?


Another interesting article on procrastination, written by Bill Burridge, can be found at

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