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by Angela de Sousa courtesy of Media Update (MU)

In business history, the words ‘client avatar’ have been used to describe an ideological representation of the person you are proposing to sell to. In fact, if you have a client avatar think of them as the person who really needs your product or service. So says Angela de Sousa, founder of Jade Media.

Think about what that client wants, where they live, who they talk to, how old they are and so on.

Defining your avatar

When starting a business, you need to have a comprehensive and accurate definition. If you have a clear understanding of the person you are selling your product or service to, your business will be set up for success, as you will be able to customise your business to the preferences of the client avatar.

Who is your avatar?

Your client avatar is the person who has a problem that will only be solved once they interact with your business. An avatar client profile is used by entrepreneurs and business owners to narrow down on the demographic that needs to know about their business.

Many start-up entrepreneurs make the sometimes fatal error of assuming that their client avatar is someone who likes their business on Facebook. As much as your client may end up liking and following your business page, all the likes and follows are not usually from potential clients. Some will like the idea of your business because they want to support you; others will even follow your Facebook Business Page just to learn – either about your business or product.

Creating a real avatar

Defining your ideal client on paper is just the beginning. An ‘avatar definition’ only gives you a rough idea of who your client might be, but it does not accurately represent your client. Once you have profiled your client avatar theoretically, you must conduct field research. Talk to your clients to determine whether or not they match up to your definition. Your definition may need to be amended or you may discover additional problems that the client is facing that you may be able to solve.

Once you have ascertained your real client avatar, you will be able to steer your business towards greater success.

Angela de Sousa is founder of Jade Media, and article appeared in Media Update (MU)

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