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We were having a discussion with a client the other day about discipline in the work place. One of the issues that came up was about consistency.

It is imperative that you are consistent in your business and this does not only apply to how you treat your staff but also how you treat your customers and suppliers.

Being consistent means that whenever someone interacts with you, be it one of your team or one of your customers, they can expect you to act in a similar manner. We all expect the products we buy to be consistent, I am sure you would not be happy if every time you bought a loaf of beard it was a different size or tasted different. So why should it be any different with a service or working with your team?

Are you consistent with

  • Your team
  • Your customers
  • Your product / service
  • Your suppliers
  • Your processes
  • To put it simply, any area of your business

Being consistent however does not mean a parrot fashion response or solution but having the same values and standards.

Consistency helps build TRUST and TRUST helps build great businesses.

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