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Dealing with conflict in a company can take up a lot of management time but it has to be dealt with otherwise you run the risk of having a dysfunctional team.

Research undertaken in the US shows that up to 25% of a manger’s time can be taken up dealing with conflict.

Mike Steinitz, executive director of Accountemps, suggested these six strategies:

Create a company culture where employees can speak their mind. Encourage staff to speak up at meetings and in group projects. Rotate leadership of projects.

Organise community-building events, such as volunteering and charity fundraising opportunities, that help employees get to know and trust each other.

Address a conflict between employees right away, but show empathy and understanding. Demonstrate that it’s a sign of confidence when you’re willing to learn from somebody you disagree with.

Reward positive role models. Dole out praise, promotions, and choice assignments to employees who contribute to a supportive work environment.

Know when to step in. CFOs don’t want to interject every time minor issues arise. Focus on conflicts that jeopardise a group’s output and that lower-level managers cannot settle.

Hire employees with excellent interpersonal skills who fit into the corporate culture. Great employees share a few qualities, including a can-do attitude, right-size ego, and a sense of humour. Periodically refresh your recruiting plan to ensure you’re attracting the right people.

Extract from an article by Sabine Vollmer

Sabine Vollmer ( is a CGMA Magazine senior editor.

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