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Growing your business doesn’t happen by chance.

Nothing every really happens by chance although it may appear that way at times.

What you focus on is what will come about. I don’t mean this in some magical way, that if you focus on being rich you will magically become rich. It is more a case of being aware of what you focus on and not being distracted by other issues.

Consider when you are thinking about buying a new car and suddenly you see lots of the car you are buying on the street, whereas before you hardly ever saw any. This is not because you have suddenly set the trend and everyone is now buying the same car, but because you are now focussing on the car you are buying.

The same applies to your business and more importantly growing your sales.

Focus on your customers and your service and not on what your competitors are doing or what is happening in the country. One needs to be aware of these issues but don’t focus on them at the expense of what you are doing and can change.

If you pay more attention to your customers, making sure you are providing them with the very best of service, and continuously prospecting for new customers you will grow your sales.

This is not necessarily easy and does not happen overnight but there will be a snowball effect. As you grow and provide excellent service so your customers will spread the word and your sales will increase.

If you leave your growth to chance the chance is your growth will be negative. Not the way you want to go.

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