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Forgive me if I appear to be hastening the end of the year, I don’t want the time to go by any quicker than you do but the reality is that very soon the new year will be here and we will be back into the rush of everyday business. So now is the time to start thinking about and formulating your goals for next year.


Here are some simple steps to follow to make sure you achieve your goals.

1.Write it down.

I know this may sound obvious but too often we think that it is a simple goal and we will remember it. It may be to grow your business by 25% or open a new branch or get fit and start a new sport. Easy to remember, yes, but until you write it down have you really committed to it? You must also pin it up somewhere that you can read it every day. The important part is to also write it down in detail and be SPECIFIC but also be realistic.

2. Put a timeline to it.

You MUST have a date by which you will achieve your goal. the reason is simple, if you don’t then the chance that you will procrastinate and always leave your next action until “tomorrow” is very high and you will miss your goal.

3. Identify the obstacles that may stop you achieving your goal.

Once you know what may stand in your way you will know what to look out for and make plans to overcome these obstacles upfront. Don’t wait until they derail your plans. Identifying these obstacles and writing them down has the effect of making the seem less of a problem. How often have you had a problem or crises to overcome and it seemed an almost impossible mountain to climb but once you made the decision to overcome it and started taking action, it suddenly didn’t seem so bad.

4. Identify who, want groups or organisation can help you achieve your goals.

I have never come across a goal yet that wouldn’t be easier to achieve by having someone help you get there. Ensure your staff are aware of your plans and goals. In most cases you will not be able to reach the goal unless someone else helps. It may be your staff, your family, a professional organisation or even a coach. By knowing who to enlist in your plans you can start to get them on board early and your journey will be so much easier.

5. Write up your action plan.

Here again I put the emphasis on “writing it down”. Your action plan must be detailed, have milestones, include your end date. It also needs to be in front of you all the time. Have your goal and action plan placed somewhere you can see it all the time. It doesn’t matter where (on the wall, in your diary, on the fridge) just have it visible and clear. Clear plans are the key to reaching the goal.

6. Make a list of all the benefits.

This is as important as all the other steps. Unless the goal inspires and motivates you it will be very difficult to achieve and I might even ask why have a goal that does not inspire and motivate you. Whenever the road to you goal gets rough and seems too hard to carry on go back to the benefits and remember why you wanted to get there in the first place. So, when writing down the benefits make sure they are huge for you and write down as many as possible. Think of all areas of your business and life and not just the direct outcomes of the goal.

If you follow these steps and WORK HARD you will reach your goals and make great improvements in your business and your life.


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