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Today is Spring Day and we thought it is a great time to give your business a Spring Treatment, just as you would your garden.

Survey your garden

Take time to step back and look at an overview of your business. Revisit and review your business plan. Are you still on the right track or do you need to set new strategies? Has your market changed? Are your processes working well? Do you need to set new goals, find new customers or markets?

Really have good look at your business and be objective. If you need to make changes be bold and make those changes.

Soil test

Once you have completed your overview you must look at the specifics, some of which I have mentioned above. You really want to be sure that your business is healthy so that is can grow and prosper in the months and years ahead.

If there are areas of your business that are not working well and stopping other area from growing then take action and fix the problems.


Your garden will not grow well without fertiliser. In the same way, your business needs to have food to help it grow.

That food is your staff. Help your staff develop so they can add value to the business and help it grow. As your staff grow so they will pull the business up with them.

Remember your staff look after your customers thus adding more strength to your staff will help you to grow your customers, both current and new.

Also don’t forget your suppliers. Without good suppliers your service to your customers will suffer. Build strong relationships with your suppliers and they will help you on your road to success.

If you do your spring treatment right you will be able to relax a bit in the “summer months” and enjoy the hard work you put in.


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