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What Drives You as a Business Owner?


As a business owner or entrepreneur, have you ever stopped to think about what is at the heart of your business or sales drive? What drives you to go into the market and ask people to buy your product/service?

  • Is it because you believe that you have a great product with great features?
  • Is it because you know that the customers need your product?
  • Is your drive to make money or more money for your business or organisation?

It is right that you should believe in your product. That you must understand the needs of your customers, and have a passion for growth. However that is not enough to guarantee sustainable success.

Would you buy a product or a service from someone who is driven by the following?

  • their belief in their great product or service?
  • someone who believes that you need their product? or
  • a business that is motivated by their passion to grow and make more money?

Do those things influence your decision to buy? I would say that itself is not enough.

So, the question still needs to be fully answered, what is it, that is behind your drive for sales or success in your business?

In my view and experience,  There could be several inner drivers but the key ones for me are the following:

  1. A Genuine Desire to Help

A business owner or salesperson whose inner drive is to genuinely help others, whether individuals or organisations, is an unrelenting and unstoppable force in the market. This is the individual who will not be discouraged when things get tough or when customers take time to switch to their product. This person, does not talk to the prospect or client about handling objections to their product or service, but rather shares ways in which their product can genuinely help them.

  1. To make a Positive Change for better

When I was still in the petroleum industry, I remember an incident, where a service station Dealer in a small town, was losing money in the shop but could not find out why and how. After going through his business processes in the shop, I recommended that he attend a Finance for non-financial Managers short course to improve the financial management of his business. That four day course changed his life and business for the better. Years after the course he was still grateful that the route I had recommended had saved his business.

  1. To Uplift the Lives of Others & Organisations

The other day I read about an American company called Cradles & Crayons, whose mission is:

  • To provide children from birth to 12 years, living in low income or homeless situations, with the essential items they need to thrive at home, at school and at play.

This company supplies items like second hand clothes, crayons and other items by asking rich communities to donate these through them to children without. By all accounts this is a very successful business. A business driven by the desire to uplift the lives of materially poor children.

The ongoing success of this and many other organisations serves to illustrate the point that a business has to be driven by something bigger than just making a sale today.

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