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There is a saying amongst carpenters that you must always measure twice because you can only cut once (I guess this is particularly true if you cut the wood short).


This saying has a very real application in business as well. Whether you are taking an order, re-structuring the company or drawing up your production plan, it is always better to review a decision before implementing it, to be sure that you don’t implement a change or programme that may have an adverse result, rather than the positive outcome that was expected. You need to also ensure that it will not adversely affect the long-term sustainability of your business


I was recently involved with a company that had taken on a job to manufacture a built-in unit for a new restaurant, one that they had not made before. The details, or should I say lack of them, were given to the factory who then proceeded to manufacture the unit. I won’t go on to list all the errors and problems but it is safe to say that a job that should have taken a month, took three and the owner was threatening to sue for costs and lost revenue.


Not only has this taken far more time than was allowed for in the quote but there was the potential of a substantial claim from the owner. Worst of all was the damage to the reputation of the company.


You may well have systems in place to ensure that this problem would not happen in your company, and for that you must be commended, but are you sure you take this approach to all decisions.


Some decisions are required to be made quickly but wherever possible don’t make snap decisions. Rather put it aside for an hour, a day or even a week and then revisit your information and your decision. (This is often very important when replying to e-mails, especially in anger).


A decision to dismiss an employee, reject a customer’s complaint, change a supplier etc. is often made in haste and can have a major financial impact on the business.



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