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Start well and your day will finish well.

Starting well is critical in every sphere of life. Have you ever noticed that in professional and top level athletics whether it is short, middle or long distance running, your start is what determines your finishing. In the 100 meters for example, they are so particular about the start that a few athletes get disqualified, if they try and gain an advantage at the start. However, you can get an advantage over others in life and business by ensuring that you start your day in the right way.

It is all about how you start which influences your position at the finish. Israelmore Ayivor of “Shaping the Dream” says “you can’t get through to the end without having a beginning. You must begin by all means.”

I can add that a good end, all starts in the beginning. So, here are a few practical ways to help you start your day or week on a positive and productive note:

  1. Get to work early

Try and get to work every day before everyone else and avoid being rushed because rushing causes anxiety.

  1. Start with a Clean Work Area

Ensure that your work area is uncluttered and clean. An uncluttered work area helps to clear your mind as well, something you need at the beginning of a day.

  1. Silence the Mobile Phone

Keep the phone on silent at least for the first half hour of your day. If your day starts with notifications, WhatsApp and text messages from those many groups you belong to, and other distractions that smartphones bring us, that becomes the tone you set for the rest of the day. The world will not come to a screeching halt because your phone is not attended to for half an hour at least.

  1. Never Start with Emails

Resist the urge to start the day by checking your emails. A lot of people fall into the trap of letting emails set the agenda for the day. Take charge of your day and set aside blocks of time in the course of the day for checking your emails.

  1. Prioritise Key Tasks

Determine 3-4 priority tasks for the day that you have to attend to. Trying to do too many tasks will make you lose focus and will most likely overwhelm you anyway.

  1. Get your Mind Right

One of the ways of doing this is to practice gratitude thinking. By this I mean think about how blessed you are to have a job or business, and the value you bring to your business or organisation. See today or this week as an opportunity to do good to your work colleagues and customers. This will help you to build inner motivation and positive energy for the day and week.

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