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I had the pleasure to work with Obert Mandimutsira for more than 6 months now.  The knowledge that he passed onto me is beyond monetary value.  My business has grown leaps and bounds, not without any growth pains though. BUT, he did warn me about those upfront, so I was well prepared for it.  Obert’s mannerism, his outlook on life and his professionalism I value tremendously.  I will use his services indefinitely, and HIGHLY recommend him to anyone that wants to grow their business profitably and sustainably.  Not only does he help you grow your business, he grows you as an individual.


I met Obert and was immediately taken by his business professionalism.
Since starting coaching I have seen a tremendous change in my career and personal life.

I now understand the pipeline concept and how important it is to grow my business. I look forward to Thursday mornings meeting with Obert as he is passionate and committed to helping me grow.
I am now so confident in moving my business to another level and I know it’s going to happen soon.


I had the pleasure of working with Geoff Feldon of Wyed4Biz from October 2015 to September 2016 because he was a consultant to the NPO Project Preparation Trust of KZN (PPT). Geoff collaborated with PPT on the Informal Economy Support Programme by working with several enterprises on the Programme. At our IESP Participation Awards (2016) his contribution to the development of enterprises were highlighted in the praises he received from all the enterprises he has worked closely with. The business coaching assisted to impart skills, mainly in record-keeping, to micro and informal enterprises but also monitoring their progress and thereby helping to develop and grow these businesses.
I would recommend Wyed4biz based on the professional services rendered to PPT and because of all the great reviews we have heard from micro and informal enterprises for the role Geoff has played!

T DAYARAM – Project Preparation Trust (PPT)