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Every business must and should have goals and objectives in order to achieve the desired results. To run a business without a clear idea of what it is you are trying to achieve, is like playing sport without knowing the outcome you are aiming for at the end. So, now that we are all agreed that goals are important, here is where the first challenge begins.

Resist the Shopping List of Goals

It is very tempting at the beginning of the year to come up with a shopping list of goals and or objectives that your business should accomplish.  In our fast moving world we have been conditioned to believe that doing more, guarantees success. It might work in areas like cold calling in sales prospecting and maybe a few others, but not in many instances in life and business.

More does not Equal Great Results

The other day I was in a meeting with clients who kept interrupting the meeting to answer their mobile phones. The end result was that we did not make the progress we had hoped for, because they were not fully focused on the discussion at hand. I am also not sure, that they fully met the needs of those that called them during the meeting. This simple example just goes to show that we do not give our best when we try and do too many things at the same time. And we certainly don’t get the best results when we do this.

Identify the ONE THING

Instead of trying to achieve all those goals that you tend to set at the beginning of the year, how about doing something different? Set ONE or at the most TWO major goals for your business this year. The secret here is to take time to think about the goal or goals. The main question you must ask yourself is this: what is that ONE or TWO things that I should accomplish this year that will have the greatest positive impact on my business? Another way to ask this question is to say, what is the one thing that I can do this year that will give me the biggest success in my business?

Relentlessly Pursue the ONE THING

Once you can answer that clearly, either by yourself or with your team, then that becomes the ONE THING that you will devote your energy, skill, resources and time to achieve. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results you will achieve. This is because you will pursue this ONE THING with laser like focus, commitment and heart. If you have staff members share this with them and they will be inspired by your example and will do likewise.

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